Preventative Maintenance Program

Proper maintenance is essential to ensure long life and reliable energy from your stand-by generator unit. P.J. Hughes Electric, Inc. proudly provides this professional service. The manufacturer of your unit recommends a maintenance visit once per year.

Our Preventative Maintenance Program includes all parts and labor need for regular scheduled maintenance. Our trained and certified generator maintenance staff will perform the following services on your generator:

  • Oil and oil filter change / 5W30 Synthetic oil will be used
  • Air filter replaced per manufacturer
  • Replace spark plugs per manufacturer
  • Battery Tested and results recorded
  • Battery compartment and terminals cleaned
  • Clean and Inspect Enclosure
  • Linkages, hinges and interior sheet metal oiled and cleaned
  • Interior sprayed with Insecticide
  • Clean gas regulator vent tube
  • Clean oil cooler
  • Exercise main breaker
  • Reset Maintenance Reminder
  • Detailed records of your unit will be kept on file

Annual Service

One Visit Per Year

$219.00/year with signed service agreement

In addition, should a valve adjustment be required, your first will be complimentary with a signed service agreement, thereafter, any future adjustments are subject to an $89.00 charge and will be performed during a regularly scheduled maintenance visit.

NOTE* any issues discovered by our technician that may need to be repaired, replaced or upgraded will be reported following our visit. All additional maintenance or repairs, outside of the tasks listed above, will be subject to our standard service rates.

Click here to download maintenance information and Service Agreement.

When the power goes out, we depend on our back-up generator. Thanks to the excellent maintenance program we have with P.J. Hughes, we know we can count on our generator to perform. ~ Mark S.

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